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Which bottle is right for me?

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Do you have a cat?  Do you have a large dog? Is your animal old?  Does your pet have a lot of anxiety?  Which bottle is right for your pet?  
The answer is......any of our Pawsible Love drops!  All of our Pawsible Love drops contents are the same, just higher concentrations.  Can a cat use the 1,000mg?  YES! Can a large dog use the 250mg?  YES!  While any size or age animal can use any of our products, we do have recommendations for the best fit for your specific pet based on a few questions.
1.  How much does your animal weigh?
Our standard dosing that is listed on every bottle is based on your animals weight.  The more concentrated bottles, the higher the number on the bottle, the less you have to give your animal.  For example, a 65lb dog would typically need a full dropper of the 100mg whereas he/she would only need 7-8 drops of the 500mg.  This means a bottle of the 100mg would last this dog 3-4 weeks in comparison to a couple months with the higher concentrated bottles.  
2.  What is your pet using our products for?
This is also something to consider when picking out which bottle of Pawsible Love drops you want.  If your pet is using our products for thunderstorm anxiety, typically, this will be used on an as needed basis rather than for daily use.  If your pet is using our products for pain or other symptoms where they need it on a daily, or even twice daily basis, the higher concentrated bottles will save you a lot of money in the long run.  Not only will you give your pet a smaller dose, making the bottle last longer, but our products actually get cheaper per mg the higher in concentration.  
3.  Is your pet very sensitive to smell or taste?
Most animals enjoy the taste of our unflavored or chicken flavored drops.  However, there are always animals that are the exception.  Is your picky little guy/gal that exception?  Do not worry!  Our 1,000mg Pawsible Love CLEAR drops are made specifically for that reason.  These drops are completely odorless and have no taste!  Your pet will have no idea they are consuming anything out of their ordinary plain diet.  
Still unsure which is the best product for your companion?  Contact us!  We are happy to answer any remaining questions you have and make sure you feel confident about your purchase.  Welcome to the Pawsible Love family!

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