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Your dosing questions answered!

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Trying new products can seem overwhelming.  Which bottle do I buy?  What's the best way to give it to my pet? How much do I give them?  In this blog, we will answer a few of the most common questions we receive regarding dosing.  For answers regarding which bottle to buy, check out our blog Which bottle is right for me?
All of our products are in 30ml bottles.  There are 31 full droppers of liquid in a bottle.  The mg number listed on each bottle is the amount of cannabidiol (or CBD) per bottle.  To figure out how many mg's are in a full dropper, simply divide the total mg number by 31.  For example, in the 100mg bottle there is 3 mg in a full dropper (100/31= 3.2).  In the 2,500mg bottle there is 80mg per full dropper (2,500/31=80).
There have been many studies done trying to pinpoint an exact dose to give your animal.  Unfortunately, studies and data have shown every animal is slightly different.  Each dog and cat metabolize cannabidiol different, some needing more than others.  Some animals also have more severe issues than others, which would also require a higher dose.  That being said, studies have come up with a great recommended starting place.  A good rule of thumb is 1mg per every 10-15lbs your animal weighs.  All of our dosing instructions are listed on each bottle.  We recommended starting with the dose listed on the bottle.  If you do not notice a difference after a few days of use, we encourage you to increase the dose.  It is not uncommon for some animals to need twice the amount listed on the bottle.  
The frequency is also up to you and your animal.  Some of our customers use it once a day, some use it twice a day and others only use it as needed (during an event that causes anxiety for example).  For all other ailments besides anxiety, we do recommend daily use for best results.  
The best way to give the drops to your dog or cat is dropping it right in their mouth.  Our chicken flavor is very popular for this reason. Another way to give your pet Pawsible Love drops if they won't take it directly from the dropper, is on top of a treat or in their food.  If your animal is very picky and you don't think they would take their dose either of those ways, check out our Pawsible Love CLEAR drops.  Our CLEAR line has zero smell, zero taste and zero THC.  These drops are a great option for those picky fur babies.  
We hope this helped answer any questions you have regarding how to give your pet the correct dose.  If we didn't answer all of your questions, please contact us!  

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