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Is bigger really better?

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Is bigger really better?  Is the 2,500mg right for my pet?  Pawsible Love's 2,500mg can be used for any pet.  It is especially good for any medium to large animal or if your pet uses our products 2x a day.  

Need an economical solution to keep your pet free of their troublesome ailments?  This is it!!  We understand the initial investment comes with a little sticker shock.  When you look at the big picture of how long the bottle will last and what you pay per mg, it all makes sense.  With the 2,500mg Pawsible Love drops, you pay only .08 per mg!!  In comparison, our 250mg costs .23 per mg.  That is a significant savings!  

A little bit goes a long way with our 2,500mg Pawsible Love drops.  The majority of our customers see results in only 1-2 drops!  Have a friend with a dog that desperately needs our products?  Now you won't be afraid to share!

Come see what everyone is barking about!  

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