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About Us

Erika Arroyo, CEO, Founder

Erika grew up in Boulder, Colorado and graduated from the University of Colorado. Growing up with German Shepherds her whole life, she knew the aches and pains from hip and elbow dysplasia that are very common in that breed. She wanted to be a part of a solution to help ease their pain. After discovering the healing relief of cannabidiol for her own disk and back problems caused from a car accident, she wanted to apply that same natural relief to animals. In 2016, Erika co-founded Extracted Love.  Email after email that came in from customers telling their stories and gratification for her product, solidified her passion in this industry.  Erika is excited to bring you Pawsible Love.  



Dr Laura Palumbo, Veterinarian

Dr. Laura Palumbo graduated on the Dean’s Honor list from the Bio-medical sciences program at the University of Guelph. After completing her undergraduate degree, Dr. Palumbo graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College.

Friendly, compassionate & outgoing, Dr. Laura is the founder of Palumbo MobileVeterinary Services. She is known for providing caring, dedicated and personalized veterinary care to her patients in a home-based setting.

In 2016, Dr. Laura teamed up with Erika to introduce Extracted Love.  Dr. Laura has a keen interest in natural approaches, preventative health and the use of integrative medicine. An increasing number of clients are using alternative medicine and therapies for themselves with great success. She feels it is her duty to support their choices when wanting to use them with their petsShe is excited to be a part of Pawsible Love.