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Lorelai's limp

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Meet Lorelai!  She was selected as our Sponsor Me winner for the month of December.  Lorelai was found as a stray at 4 months old in Meridian, Mississippi.  She was taken to a high kill shelter there. Her family saw her photo online and found a way to have her transported to Colorado.
"She loves to hike, paddle board and play with other dogs. She loves everyone she meets. About 2 months ago, she started limping. The vet though she just sprained her leg so we did 2 weeks crate rest. Eased her back into exercise and everything seemed good. A month ago after a hike, she couldn't hardly walk.  The vet did more x-rays and found Bilateral Tenosynovitis.  This is extreme calcification of her tendon from shoulder to wrist. She's been on crate rest since and they're discussing surgery to scrape off the calcification.  There is no guarantee that she will 100% recover. She may always have some level of pain in that leg. She is only 2 years old."
Hearing about the struggles this beautiful girl was experiencing broke our hearts!  Lorelai began using our 250mg Pawsible Love drops.  After using our drops for the next two weeks we received an update from her family!  "Lorelai has been doing fantastic! We have been giving her about 1 ml per day. (0.5 in AM and 0.5 in PM). She loves it and it's made our lives better.  We've slowly been reintroducing exercise to her and so far we have seen no limping! 🤞 We are so grateful for the CBD to help ease her pain and transition back to normal. Plus it helps take the edge off when we make her remain calm."
Her mom included this amazing photo of Lorelai jumping through the Colorado snow!  We are thrilled to see her getting back to enjoying nature like she did before the pain set in! 

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