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Crosley's battle with anxiety

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Meet Crosley!  Our Sponsor Me winner for February. "Crosley is a very unique dog! She was recovering from Parvo when we rescued her as an 8 week old puppy and a few weeks after bringing her home, we realized she was fully deaf. She's the sweetest pit mix ever, but because of her disability, she also has high anxiety. She likes to have mom & dad (or her dog sister Kaia) in her sight at all times and needs lots of attention.
When a new (human) baby came home in April this year, Crosley wasn't getting as much attention as she was used to and she went into a funk. She stopped eating for almost a week and became very sick. She ended up spending several nights in the animal hospital and after many tests, they couldn't come up with any diagnosis (other than maybe IBS). We brought her back home and she seemed to perk up for a few days, but not long after, she relapsed again.
At a loss for what to do, we started to think that maybe this was being caused by her anxiety/depression. We decided that maybe we should try CBD and were recommended to try Pawsible Love.
After a few days on CBD, Crosley had a complete turnaround. We've been using Pawsbile Love treats for 8 months now and Crosley has returned to her normal sweet & quirky personality and she's finding that her new best friend is her human 9-month old brother."
Anxiety can be triggered by so many different events- thunderstorms, deafness, fireworks,  bringing home a new family member and/or separation anxiety just to name a few.  Our treats or Pawsible Love drops can be used to help ease all these triggers.  It is wonderful to hear Crosley isn't living in stress or fear anymore and she's able to enjoy her baby brother!

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