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Torn ACL? Meet Loki.

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Meet Loki.  Loki was our Sponsor Me winner in October.  "A couple of years ago, Loki suffered from a torn ACL in his back leg. He had a TLPO implanted and although the leg healed the orthopedic specialist warned me that Loki will have difficulty walking, climbing, running, etc., for life. He has to be picked up when he wants to lounge on the couch. It’s very hard for him to get around especially in the winter time. This has made him gain weight since walking is obviously painful for him. Once a very active husky, he now seems depressed and in constant pain."
Loki's story broke our hearts.  Seeing the pup you love struggling to even enjoy the small things in life is brutal for any dog parent.  We were so excited to select him as our Sponsor Me winner and get him started on our 250mg Pawsible Love drops right away.  
After about 10 days, we checked in with Loki's family to see how he was doing.  "It’s only been a week and I already see a huge difference in Loki! He is running around like a pup, he has way more energy, and he has been climbing the stairs, something he hasn’t done in a few months. I am real impressed with these drops. He seems to be feeling a whole lot better."  
The picture above is the most recent one sent from his family, showing his ability to climb the stairs once again!  We are beyond excited to see such a quick improvement with this handsome boy.  With the cold weather approaching, Loki can rest assured his pain and mobility can be managed this winter to keep him feeling his best!

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