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Wobbler's Diagnosis at a young age

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Meet Scarlett.  Scarlett was our Sponsor Me winner for January.  She is a 1 1/2 year old Irish Setter/Golden Retriever mix. She was recently found to have Wobbler's disease. Her struggles with balance make playing, running, eating, and using the bathroom very difficult!  With scans and neurology consults costing upwards of $10,000, her family was desperately searching for other alternatives to help their baby girl.  
Wobbler's disease is a neurological condition in dogs that affects their neck area in their spine.  It's most common with large and giant breeds, most commonly Great Danes and Dobermans, however, as seen with Scarlett it can occur in any breed.  The neurological issues that occur, most commonly causing the Wobble when they walk, is caused from compression in their spinal cord.  Without surgery, a great way to manage their pain and help increase their mobility is with an anti-inflammatory.  CBD has wonderful, natural anti-inflammatory properties.  
After two weeks of using Pawsible Love Drops daily we checked in with Scarlett's family to see how she was doing.  The feedback was extremely encouraging and heartwarming. "Scarlett is doing so good!!  She can stand for much longer than normal and she's able to keep her head still long enough to eat the whole bowl of food!  Her appetite is back and she doesn't seem to have any pain!"  Helping Scarlett add more quality of life is the perfect way to start the year.  We look forward to future updates to see how this beautiful girl is progressing.  
If your dog has recently been diagnosed with Wobbler's syndrome and you are unsure where to turn for information, check out Captain's Salute.  They are a non-profit dedicated to helping families find resources and helpful tricks to assist with Wobbler's.  

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