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Sponsor Me Winner Westley

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Meet Westley.  Westley was selected as our Sponsor Me winner for the month of August.  He was rescued in March of 2018 at 6 months old. Prior to being adopted, he was found in rural NC and taken to the shelter as a tiny puppy. He sat in the shelter for 1 week without any vaccinations, leading to him contracting pneumonia. He had a wonderful foster mom in NC that nursed him back to health before he made his journey north. He is currently almost 2 years old and began showing some signs of pain 2 months ago. His parents took him to the emergency vet who diagnosed him with a slipped disc. They were sent home with medication and restricted activity. He seemed to be recovering well until he took a turn for the worst. 3 weeks later he began having trouble walking, sitting, in extreme pain and very rigid. He spent the night in the ICU before seeing a neurologist who diagnosed him with a ruptured disc at C5/6 and a Wobbler's lesion at C2/3. He has been on bed rest and medical management since then. His parents have been evaluating the best options for their boy and spoiling him with love. 
Westley started using Pawsible Love drops slightly over a week ago.  We just checked in with his family and received this amazing update:
"Westley is doing as well as he can! We have noticed significant changes in our boy in the most positive way. Within an hour or so he wanted to stretch and be out of his bed. When we took him out to go potty, we noticed that he wanted to stay outside rather than just come back in. He is not allowed to be active, but I can tell that he definitely wants to be since he has started Pawsible Love. We have been putting it on his food and this little boy screams when he sees us preparing it. He has always been a little piggy, but we have never seen him more excited to eat! 
Although he is still very confined and we can't tell just how much better he is feeling, we can absolutely tell that he is feeling better."
We are so relieved to hear that Westley has made such improvements in such little time.  Please keep Westley in your thoughts, he is getting surgery to repair his ruptured disk August 30.  Lets all send this boy some love!

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