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German Shepherd's are fierce....fierce with anxiety.

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Anyone that has ever had the pleasure of owning a German Shepherd or been around one often knows these beautiful, smart pups are full of anxiety. Whether it may be a thunderstorm, riding in the car, visiting the v-e-t, or the most common-separation anxiety, these poor fur babies pant and yelp in fear.  
The handsome boy pictured above is Ovi.  Ovi suffers from severe anxiety.  His mom ordered our Pawsible Love drops for him in the beginning of April this year.  We recently received an update from his mom and wanted to share with our fellow Shepherd and other fur parents that have high anxiety dogs.  

"I just wanted to write and tell you how much your product has helped Ovi. Before Pawsible Love... Ovi was prescribed anxiety medicine that made him not himself. And often times it masked his anxieties that we are trying to help him work through (with training). He was always tired, and sometimes zoned out. Not what a 1year old GSD should be. He would often times still lick his paws so much that he was loosing fur in spots.  I stopped the anxiety meds, and started him on your product. Not only has it helped with his anxiety, but he is still his playful self. It has also helped his coat stay silky smooth, and his fur is almost completely filled back in on his paws. 
Every morning Ovi waits patiently in the kitchen to get his Pawsible Love Oil on his piece of cheese!!! Thank you for your products and your great customer service."
As Ovi's mom mentioned, one of the great benefits of using CBD to help with anxiety is that, when using the right dose, it won't make your pup change their demeanor or become "zoned out" or sleepy.  On average our customers notice a sense of relief in about 10-15 minutes after giving their dog Pawsible Love.  
We are so happy to hear Ovi is back to his normal, playful self!  If you have a success story you think could help other fur parents searching for the right product for their pet, please send it in!

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