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Meet Kernel

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Meet Kernel.  He is a sweet 2 year old, 155lb, service Great Dane suffering from Wobblers and other conditions that limit his day to day activity.  In September his mom started keeping a diary to track all of his symptoms.  Some of Kernels symptoms included his back legs not working, shaking his head back and forth, throwing himself off couches and beds while sleeping and being incontinent.  In addition, Kernel was also displaying some behavior as seen in a lot of dogs with Wobblers.  "Kernel's legs would randomly go wonky and wouldn't work right.  It would eventually stop and then he could continue running."  In addition to losing control over this legs, he experienced sharp neck pain roughly a dozen separate times.  Lastly, Kernel also suffers from IBD.  
Kernel began using our 2,500mg Pawsible Love drops in December.  He uses 5 drops at a time, 2x a day for a total of 10 drops a day.  This equates to 10mg at each dose.  A very common dose is 1mg per every 10-15lbs your animal weighs.  This can be given once a day or a twice a day, or as needed.  We typically only recommend using our drops "as needed" for animals with anxiety that is triggered by an event (thunder, car rides, vet visits, etc).  For more severe issues, we do recommend giving it to your pet daily or twice daily as Kernel does.  
As of today Kernel is over 90 days symptom free!  In addition, his mom reports that it is tremendously helping his IBD.  He is having solid bowel movements now which is a big improvement.  If you want to continue to follow Kernel's journey and adventures, follow him on Instagram @kernelthegreatdane.  
A frequently asked question is "will it make my dog sleepy?"  Generally, no it will not.  Kernel has not lost one ounce of energy since using Pawsible Love daily.  In fact, many customers with older dogs report back that they have the energy and playfulness of a puppy again!  If your pup does act sleepy after using our drops, don't be alarmed.  Instead, try cutting back on the dose you give them the next time.  Every animal is slightly different and some need more/less than others.  The dosing listed on each individual bottle is a great recommended starting place.  Begin with this dose and continue for the next few days.  If you don't achieve the desired results after a few days of use, slightly increase the amount you give at a time.  
Big shoutout to Kernel and his mom for allowing us to be apart of his journey and recovery.  We would love to help your pet start feeling their best!  Use code KERNEL at checkout to save 10% on your order.  
Have more questions?  Don't hesitate to contact us!

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