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Captain's Salute: Wobbler's and CBD

"⭐️Lots of questions recently about CBD oil and does it really help a Wobbler⭐️

In my personal experience, yes it helped Captain greatly. And in many ways. While I always tell everyone CBD is not a cure all for everything, there are several key Wobblers related issues that CBD can targets & help.

First thing every single Dog with Wobbler Syndrome battles is inflammation. Inflammation around the Wobbler affected spinal vertebrae causes the swelling and pinching of the spinal cord which in turn causes the symptoms of Wobbler Syndrome. We all want to reduce inflammation!!! CBD oil acts as an anti inflammatory. The oil can be used alone or in combination with prescription anti inflammatory’s.

CBD oil can be a great pain reliever. Many dogs with Wobblers are prescribed at least one pain medication, if not more than one. Wobbler Syndrome is a neurological disease meaning it affects a dogs entire nervous system. CBD oil is beneficial to the nervous system by protecting it, and is beneficial in relieving the nerve pain many Wobblers experience.

CBD oil can also help relieve anxiety. Anxiety is not on the top of the list for Wobblers symptoms, but personally I think it’s a prominent system in many Wobblers, especially those that experience sudden paralysis. Imagine waking up one day and all your limbs are tingling and shortly after you can no longer walk or do any of the things you love to do. How stressful would that be?! Rest and relaxation is key for a Wobbler and CBD can help.

My personal experience with Captain- CBD oil allowed us to lower and sometimes temporarily discontinue many of his prescription medications. With daily CBD use we were able to keep Captain off of tramadol and gabapentin for almost a year. We were also able to keep his steroid dosage very low for much of his battle with Wobblers. Prescription meds are great and are usually needed at some point for Wobblers, but they do come with health risks, especially if your dog is on them long term. If CBD can help lower the Rx dosages it’s worth a shot in the long run. Some of the pain medications also seemed to make Captain even more unsteady than he already was from the Wobblers. We never experienced unsteadiness with CBD use.

So much of fighting Wobbler Syndrome is trial & error to find what works best for your dog. CBD oil is a great option to give a try. We highly recommend the Pawsible Love brand of CBD oil. They have so many options that make it easy for everyone to try. There’s clear oil for the pickiest of pups. There’s chicken flavored for those pups that love flavored treats! There’s unflavored for those that may have chicken allergies. And there’s a nice range of prices and mg. Try a quality lower mg dose that won’t break the bank and see if it helps your Wobbler. If it does, we recommend going to a higher mg next. Yes, it’s costs more initially, but it lasts much longer (since you give less drops per day). We also like the Pawsible Love brand because they list the dosage recommendations right on the bottle. They are also very helpful and attentive if you ever have any questions."

Has CBD oil helped your Wobbler? Let us know!

Thank you Alice for writing such a helpful article for all of our fur babies with Wobbler's.  If you or a friend has a dog with Wobbler's, please check out Captain's Salute.  They are a fantastic resource!  Please consider donating to their non-profit as well to help provide Wobbler's dogs with care packages that assist in their pain management and recovery.  

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