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Killian's Journey with Wobbler's

Killian was selected as our Sponsor Me winner for the month of February.  Killian was diagnosed with Wobblers a few months ago.  He has some pretty painful days and some days where walking is very hard.  He is a young and active pup that loves to run and play but has been on bedrest since December 8th

We checked in with Kilian 10 day after he started using our 500mg Pawsible Love drops.  His mom reported he was already noticeably in less pain and was wanting to run and play like a puppy again.  He also had some improvement in gate sleeping, no longer aggressive and overall happier. 

At the end of our month long sponsorship, we checked in on Killian again to see where his progress was at after being on Pawsible Love drops for a month.  “We have really loved using our Pawsible with Killian.  We started using the 500mg 3-4 times a day.  We will be getting our next bottle at a higher mg but it allowed us to cut back on is gabapentin.”. For large breeds, such as Killian, our 1,000mg or 2,500mg is the best value.  The higher concentration will not only last much longer but our products are also significantly cheaper per mg as you increase in strength.   

In addition to increased mobility, Killian has been benefiting from our drops for his anxiety and pain.  “He will shake and chatter his teeth and if we give him his oil he will calm and stop chattering.”  The wonderful part about Pawsible Love drops is that the same bottle can help your pup with a vatiety of issues. 

“He has had more good days than bad and has been wanting to run and be a puppy.  He also has a lot less trouble getting up.  We really do look forward to the continued use of this product.  We find that the most helpful part of using this was for the moments when he was in more pain than the gabapentin could control.”

We appreciate Killian and his family for being apart of our Sponsor Me program and sharing his story with us.  We hope he continues to run and play with ease for a long time to come. 

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