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How do I give my pet Pawsible Love drops?

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Trying new products can be intimidating and come with a lot of questions.  A frequent question we hear is "What's the right way to give my pet Pawsible Love drops?"  We would love to clear that up for you!

The best way to give it to your pet, if possible, is directly into their mouth.  This method absorbs into their system the fastest and gives you the most control over getting your pet the correct dose.  This method is also convenient for animals that are having issues with their appetite.  By dropping it directly into their mouth, you don't have to force feed food or treats to your pet when they are already showing no interest in food.  

The second option is dropping Pawsible Love drops directly into their food.  This option is great if your pet won't let you put it directly into their mouth.  With this method, we recommend keeping an eye on your pet while they are eating to be certain they ate all of the food with the oil on it.  

The third option is applying the dose directly onto the treat of their choice.  If you have a very picky pup, try adding some peanut butter to the treat too!

"Couldn't I just buy treats with it already in there?"  Great question!  There are certainly a lot of companies out there that make treats with anywhere from 1mg-6mg per treat.  While this is a convenient way to give it to your pet, it can get very expensive and add a lot of extra calories to your animals diet.  Some pets require 3-4 treats at a time to get their required dose.  If you compare the prices of a box of treats with 1-2mg per treat and boxes with 5-6mg per treat, you will find they are very similar to our 100mg and 250mg Pawsible Love drops.  The difference becomes the amount of mg's you get for the price you paid.  In a box of 30, you would get between 30-60mg per box in the small breed treats and 150-180mg's in the large breed.  That's an extra 70-100mg's for free in our drops!

If you have found any other ways your pet loves to consume our Pawsible Love drops, we want to hear about it.  Better yet, we want to see it!  Send us your best photo or video.

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