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What's the deal with 500mg and 1,000mg?

What is the deal with the 500mg and 1,000mg Pawsible Love drops?  Do I really need that much?  How big is the bottle? How does it work?

These are all great questions!  All of our Pawsible Love drops come in 30ml bottles regardless of the amount of milligrams in the bottle.  The higher you increase the mg, the more concentrated each drop is.  This means that instead of giving your pet a full dropper of the 100mg drops at once, you would only need to give them a few drops of either the 500mg or 1,000mg.  By doing this, a bottle of the higher concentrated Pawsible Love drops will last you weeks or months longer than the 100mg or 250mg.  

Another benefit of using the 500mg and 1,000mg Pawsible Love drops is that you actually pay less per mg.  With the 100mg, you are paying roughly .36 per mg whereas with the 500mg or 1,000mg you are only paying .18 and .14 per mg!  Not only do the drops last your furry loved one longer, but you actually pay less too!

To clarify, your animal doesn't have to be large to use the higher concentrated drops.  The recommended dosing is adjusted accordingly by the weight of your animal.   We hope this cleared up all of your questions!

Remember, anything's PAWSIBLE with a little love!

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