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Walker's Story

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Meet Walker!  Walker was our Sponsor Me winner for the month of October.  Walker is a 7 year old pitbull-hound mix.  He used to be the most playful pup but now barely wants to get out of bed and limps around anytime he does.  His mom applied for our Sponsor Me program saying "He’s just not his playful outgoing self anymore to the point where we’ve gotten in the habit of calling him old man, however he is only 7 years old. I want to make sure he is living his best life for as long as he can!"  
We sent Walker our chicken flavored 500mg Pawsible Love drops.  After about a week we checked in with his mom to see how he was doing.  "I definitely feel as though he is becoming more active.  The other morning I caught him wrestling with his younger brother which I haven't seen him do in a long time!  He also doesn't seem to be as stiff all the time anymore."  Walker's mom sent us a great video of him playing with his brother.  (See our Instagram or Facebook page for videos).  
We were very happy to see the noticeable difference in Walker after only a week. What we didn't expect, was the final update we received from Walker when we checked in on him at the end of the month.  "Walker is doing great. We can definitely see a huge improvement in his mobility and just his over all demeanor. He gets up and is far more active and engaged now, rather than watching us and the other dogs from his spot on the sofa."  When we watched the most recent video of him running with his younger brother, we were speechless!  "The difference in his mobility is mind-blowing" his mom said.  We couldn't agree more.  See it for yourself on our Instagram page.  
We are so happy Walker is back to living his best life!  Encourage your friends, especially if they are skeptics, to apply for our Sponsor Me program.  You never know until you try!

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