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Meet Lilly!

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This beauty is Lilly.  She turned 7 on May 11th. "When she was 4 years old, she tore her ACL. The damage was so extensive that the surgeon recommended putting a metal plate where her knee is to ensure she had full range of motion and less risk of injury again. She recovered very quickly from the surgery and was walking on her 'bionic' leg within a few days. We were told she would most likely experience early onset arthritis, but as years went on, she showed no signs of it except the occasional stiff joint when the weather shifted drastically. This past winter, we noticed more of a limp after she would lay for a while and then after any playtime, she would also seem to struggle a bit. She has been on joint supplements for the past 2 years and we have also tried hemp treats but the limp still persists when she overdoes it. She loves to swim and play in the water with her brother Chuy, but we have to limit how long we allow her to play in the water because she is usually limping for at least 2-3 days after. We have built her a set of doggy stairs to help her get up on the furniture and we do everything we can to help ease her stiffness but the poor girl still struggles.
Aside from that, she also started having mini-seizures. First one was back in December and then she had 2 in April that were within 2 weeks of each other. The vet was unable to determine the cause of the mini seizures, but it doesn't seem to have caused any neurological damage that we are aware of. The vet offered medication which we have on hand, but we have not given her any. We told him we wanted to try a more holistic, all natural remedy before pumping her with medication at a young age. We just want our Lilly back to normal. Seeing her struggle is heartbreaking and the seizures and head tremors (or wobbly head) just make it even more heart wrenching for us.
Lilly's story and struggles broke our heart.  She was selected as our Sponsor Me winner in June.  After a few weeks of using our 250mg Pawsible Love drops we checked in with her family to see how she was doing.  
"I am happy to report we have definitely seen a change in Lilly! She has that twinkle in her eye back! Her limping has subsided and she’s happy to go on walks now. She also has a lot more pep, especially in the evenings she gets all wild and runs around playing with her toys and jumping. And the good thing is she’s not limping after playing like that, as she used to. I’ve noticed she isn’t as stiff anymore and we are happy to say no new seizures thus far! She enjoys getting her drops in the morning and takes them right from the dropper without hesitation." 
So happy to hear the terrific update.  Getting a pup back to their happy, playful ways is our goal!  Look forward to hearing future updates from this spunky, tough girl.  

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