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Harley's Story

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Meet Harley!  She was our Sponsor Me winner in February.  Harley is a 4 year old Mountain Cur Labradoodle. "She loved to be outside playing with our German Shepherd. She loved to chase rabbit and squirrels and go for car rides. She would go on trail rides with my horse and I"
Unfortunately, in October 2019 she tore her ACL/CCL. "Ever since then she lays in her kennel most of the time. Generally on her good days we can get her to go outside and get some exercise, but after about 5 minutes she is ready to come in and lay down. On her bad days she struggles with the 2 stairs/Steps we have to get outside she has slipped a few times. We have to help her into the car and she is restless and has a hard time getting into a comfortable position."
Harley started using our 250mg Pawsible Love drops in the beginning of February.  We checked in with her mom after two weeks of using our Love Drops daily.  "Pawsible Love is absolutely amazing! After 3 doses we noticed she became more playful and would play with our son again instead of walking away from him. She wants to be outside more. She has started to wake me up at 5:30 am again so she can go outside and play."
Seeing your pup enjoy the simple things in life again is priceless.  We are so happy Harley is back to running around and playing again.  If your pup is experiencing similar mobility issues, Pawsible Love may be the difference he/she needs to put the pep back in their step!

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