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BooYa's Story (September's Sponsor Me Winner)

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Meet BooYa.  BooYa is a 4 year old Great Dane with every anxiety possible to a dog.  Her anxiety is so bad that it has actually caused a heart murmur.  Her parents were desperate to find some relief for their baby.  BooYa's mom applied for our Sponsor Me program and was selected to participate for the month of September. 
When BooYa first received our Pawsible Love drops, she was slightly hesitant to take them.  After discovering her love for cheese, BooYa's mom put her daily dose on a small piece of cheese.  This quickly became an easy way to give her her drops.  After only a few days of use, BooYa's mom noticed she seem to be more carefree.  "In my opinion that's exactly what she needs" her mom said.  
Fast forward a few more weeks and now BooYa sits with excitement anytime she sees the bottle of Pawsible Love drops opened up for her daily dose.  She now enjoys taking her dose directly from the dropper!  BooYa's family has reported she is noticeably calmer after her drops and it is a huge relief for everyone.  
We are so happy to hear BooYa is living a calmer, happy life!  Thank you to BooYa's family for keeping us updated on her journey and becoming a member of our Pawsible Love family.  
If you are curious about what Pawsible Love can do for your pet, apply for our Sponsor Me program or save 10% on your purchase today using code BOOYA.  

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