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CBD for cats, CBD for pets, hemp, hemp oil, cat anxiety

“A year ago, our cat Manny began having issues with scratching areas around his head, to the point of causing bleeding.  We tried everything from multiple trips to the vet, changing up his diet and even using different kinds of litter, yet nothing helped.  Worried that Manny would have to continue wearing a cone, we got a recommendation from a close friend to give Pawsible Love drops a try.  It has been the only thing that has worked!  After a week of using Pawsible Love drops, Manny was no longer scratching! It was a miracle!  We are so glad to have Manny back to his normal self!”

-Ryan L.


anxiety relief, dogs with anxiety, all natural relief, holistic, cbd for dogs, possible love, love drops, pawsible love

"After everything I’ve tried, pharmaceuticals, thunder shirt, music, toys, peanut butter lick mat, I finally have something that actually works. The CBD oil really seems to be the answer, so far anyway. He still gets upset when I leave for work, but it’s at a whole new level. He went from barking/crying for 8 hours uninterrupted, to, according to my next door neighbor “a couple of barks here and there throughout the day. Thank you so much for the wonderful customer service and fast shipping."

-Chris L.


CBD for pets, hip dysplasia, Rottweiler, CBD for dogs, hemp oil, pain management for dogs

"Thanks to your oil my rottie who has hip dysplasia and some other issues, she's been playing like a puppy again!  For the last year or so she would barley get up and would never get up without whimpering or crying!  Thank you for the amazing product!!"

Head over to our Instagram page @pawsiblelove to see the video of her running in the snow with her sibling! 


Sponsor Me, CBD for pets, hemp oil. Colorado sun, love drops, extracted love, Pawsible Love

This is BooYa, a 4 year old Great Dane with severe anxiety.  She was our September's Sponsor Me winner.  After only a few days of use, BooYa's mom noticed she seem to be more carefree.  "In my opinion that's exactly what she needs" her mom said.  Fast forward a few more weeks and now BooYa sits with excitement anytime she sees the bottle of Pawsible Love drops opened up for her daily dose.  BooYa's family has reported she is noticeably calmer after her drops and it is a huge relief for everyone.

For more about BooYa's story, read our blog featuring her. 


Wobbler's syndrome, Wobbler, Great Dane, CBD for dogs, Wobblers and CBD, Colorado sun, Pawsible Love, possible love

"Here is my baby. He has wobblers and we had planned to euthanize him because he could not stand, go to eat, or walk. Two of us had to carry him out every time to pee/poop. This is him 2 days after starting Pawsible Love. It was nothing short of miraculous.  I gave him a full dropper full of oil the first dose. He perked up within the hour of the time I gave it!  By the next morning he was walking. He even got up to greet me when I got up in the morning.  I was very dubious about this product but thought I would try just one more thing.  I highly recommend anyone trying it for pain and inflammation. "

-Melony G.

CBD for pets, extracted love, passible love, Pawsible Love, possible love, love drops, hemp oil

"He suffers from pretty severe anxiety during thunderstorms, fireworks, basically any loud or sudden noises even football games.  He will essentially hyperventilate and his body is shaking.  He will become very destructive trying to escape, chewing up boxes, etc.  I have tried conventional methods with no change and wanted to give something natural a try, and I'm SO glad I did.  He's a completely different dog.  I have on the Saints game and he is laying on his bed not paying an ounce of attention.  Thank you for making a product that works for us helpless moms!"

-Stephanie K.

Great Dane, Wobblers disease, CBD for pets, hemp oil, Colorado Sun, Extracted Love

"My Great Dane Grissom just loves Pawsible Love! He is nearly 10 years old, and unfortunately has had an extremely rough year.  My poor boy got diagnosed with not only arthritis, but also osteosarcoma. He has gone through radiation, and chemo therapy and LOTS of doctor visits.
The oil has helped him relax, and has definitely kept up his appetite which is extremely important for him to get the nutrients he needs to stay strong and keep on fighting. 
Cannabidiol is a somewhat new thing that people are talking about - so not very many people I knew were using it. I did go out on a limb after doing my own research, but now I tell everyone about how great it is, as well as giving testimony to how much I believe in your actual company."
-Marci N.

Great Dane, CBD for dogs, arthritis in dogs, hemp oil, hip dysphasia  

“My 5 year old Great Dane was diagnosed with arthritis in her knees and hips.  Pawsible Love has been wonderful in helping her pain and mobility.  I noticed a difference in even her first few days of starting Pawsible Love drops.  It gives me so much hope for her future as each day I see it has changed her course for the better.”

-Jess G.


This is Scarlett.  She was recently diagnosed with Wobbler's syndrome. "Her struggles with balance make playing, running, eating, and using the bathroom very difficult!" After two weeks of using Pawsible Love Drops daily her family said "Scarlett is doing so good!!  She can stand for much longer than normal and she's able to keep her head still long enough to eat the whole bowl of food!  Her appetite is back and she doesn't seem to have any pain!"

For more info on Wobbler's or to read Scarlett's whole story check out her story on our blog.

-Morgan R.


 tumor, CBD for pets, tumors on dogs, hemp oil, Pawsible Love

"This girl has been growing tumors after her run in with ITP.  She's been on Pawsible Love 2,500mg drops for the last three weeks and we are seeing a difference!  We canceled her surgery and hoping it will continue to shrink!  Thank you Pawsible Love!"

-Melissa S.


rescue dogs, hemp oil, anxiety in dogs, CBD for pets

“Pawsible Love CBD oil has helped our new rescue dogs calm down.  We also gave Pawsible Love to our 12 year old dog.  I feel this oil really helped my dog with her appetite and kept her comfortable until we had to say goodbye.. I would highly recommend this product for pain, inflammation and anxiety.”

-Kari K


joint relief in dogs, pain relief, natural, hemp oil, Colorado

“We started out using Pawsible Love on our 10 year old American Eskimo when we noticed she was slowing down more and more after running or hiking. After only a couple doses, her muscles and joints seemed to go back to that of a puppy. She's back to her normal self and running and playing like she used to.  Plus, it helps with any anxiety she gets from loud noises or stressful situations like vet visits. We will continue to give the oil to our dogs for their health and happiness!”

-Valerie D


dog anxiety relief, natural remedies, hemp oil, rescue dogs, Colorado 

"We adopted Hadley when she was 6 months old and she was afraid of just about everything- people, walks, other dogs, you name it.  Pawsible Love drops have been a total game changer in easing her anxiety and helping her come out of her shell.  She loves playing with other dogs and just recently we left her for the weekend with someone who was a total stranger to her and with the help of the drops she was calm and comfortable.  So grateful for this product!"

-Anna S.



CBD for pets, Pawsible Love, possible love, Colorado grown, hemp oil, hemp, pain, anxiety

"We are so happy with our first 2 doses of Pawsible Love CBD oil.  My girl who is 13.5 with arthritis, diabetes, and glaucoma.  I've already seen her be much more alert, walk a bit faster and have more of an appetite.  Thank you Pawsible Love!"



For more testimonials and stories on who our products have helped check out our blog!